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Hello there! Welcome to Arrow Quilting! 
I provide
 digital edge-to-edge longarm quilting,
offering both modern and traditional quilting designs.
This means that the quilting will be uniform from top to bottom, and not area-specific.
This is achieved using my computerized longarm machine "Finn", a HandiQuilter Infinity 26.
Which means my machine can handle quilt sizes up to a large king sized quilt.

To completely finish your quilt, I also provide both machine and hand binding (traditional or big stitch) services.

I am a quilter as well, so I appreciate all the work that you have put in to your quilt.
Personally, I love when the quilting compliments a quilt, and doesn't compete with it.  
A carefully chosen pattern, that enhances your quilt top, can make it shine and look custom.
My own personal aesthetic leans towards modern quilting and love patterns 
that offer great overall texture and blend into the background.  Mmwhaaaa {chef's kiss}!

I have oodles of designs to suit everyone.
If you are curious which were the most used designs in 2023 - click here to see what was most popular.

Not sure where to start?
By letting me know the purpose of the quilt, a little about the recipient
or any ideas you have - we are sure to find the right design.

When you book your quilt with me, you are able to indicate how much (or little!)
you want to be involved in the design/thread decisions. I love this part, so if it 
overwhelms you, I am always happy to find the right design that respects the
quilt, the recipient and the intention.

A good place to start is to check out the most popular designs that
were used in 2023 here, at Arrow Quilting.


Lindsay of Arrow Quilting standing beside her longarm wearing earphones while listening to a podcast

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since 2021

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