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Top 15 Digital Designs of 2022

I keep track of designs I use throughout the year. According to my handy little spreadsheet, these are the ones that were used the most in 2022.


I've got LOTS of designs to choose from! So many, that it is just too crazy to put them all here! Rest assured, I likely have what your quilt needs. If not, I am happy to cost share a new design with you.


Most of my designs have a charge of 3 cents per square inch.

Should you request a more complex design, it may result in charges of 3.5 cents per square inch. Translation: these designs need even more time with alignment, more thread and a longer stitch out time.

Because these are formatted digitally, I can adjust the size - how much depends on the design, your preference, available quilting space and what would look best on your quilt.

Below you will see the "Top 15" designs that I used/were requested in 2022. Several of these look good on most any quilt.

*coming soon - a lovely PDF with waaaayyy more designs for you to look at. But hey, "imperfect action" means that I get this newer, glossier website version up for you while I work on the PDF form in the background.

Top 15 Designs of 2022

Here is what some of last year's quilts looked like using these designs.

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