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Square Inch Price

Edge to Edge Quilting​ (E2E)

The vast majority of edge-to-edge designs are 3¢ per square inch (psi)

For example: your quilt top is 60 inches by 80 inches = 4800 sq in

4800 x 3¢ psi = $144​


I have a small selection of designs for 2.5¢ psi (that work on most quilts),

as well as those that require advanced precision/alignment or high density for 3.5¢ psi.

Minimum quilting charge is $40. For small projects, the psi price will be rounded up to the $40 minimum.

You are welcome to combine smaller projects on one backing to count as one project.​


15% Discount on quilting services,  if you bring/send me 3 or more quilts at one time​ (custom quilting excluded)​


*prices are in Canadian Dollars

Light Custom Quilting

Starting at 5¢ per square inch, pricing is dependant on design choices, quilting style, intricacy and time.

I do limit
the intake of custom quilts between January and October, due to the demand and focus of edge to edge quilting.

*November and December are the busiest mo
nths for me. Therefore, I do not provide custom quilting during those months.

Please contact me in advance should you need custom quilting, as the wait time throughout the years varies

Sampler Quilt with blocks of farm life depicted in them. Custom quilting by Lindsay of Arrow Quilting


As a convenience, batting is available in my studio for purchase.

You are welcome to provide your own high quality batting.


I stock 96" wide batting and costs are calculated by the linear inch.

I will use only what is needed for your quilt (smallest side + a 5" margin)

Hobbs 80/20 cotton/poly blend - 45¢ per linear inch

Arctic bamboo/cotton blend - 50¢ per linear inch

For larger quilts, I have pre-packaged Hobbs 80/20 King size batting ( 120" x 120") - $70/pkg

I often can make arrangements for other types of batting (wool, poly etc).  Please let me know when you book your quilt.

If your quilt top is 60" x 80", I will cut 65" of batting.

65" of Hobbs 80/20 = $29.25​

65" of Arctic Bamboo = $31.20

*CDN currency. Batting is a separate charge and is NOT included in the square inch price, nor available for discounts.


My personal style attempts to match or blend thread colour with

the lighter (or focal) areas of your quilt.


From experience, I find this gives the best results.​


If you have something else in mind, please let me know. 

Your quilt deserves quality thread.

I quilt with Glide (40 wt), So Fine (50 wt) and Botton Line (60 wt).


I don't charge extra fees for thread use. It is included in your square inch price.​

Arrow Quilting Glide Thread
Arrow Quilting. Pout Panto on Beyond the Cliffs Quilt


I'm not a professional photographer. I wish!

But I do my best to take "nice" photos of your quilt. :)

Upon completion of the quilting,

I will take photos of your quilt in my well-lit studio.
Please, let me know if you would like copies of them.


I am happy to share those images with you to use however you would like.

I just ask that you credit me for the photo/quilting if posting publicly.

This extra service is also included in your square inch price.

As well, I will ask you if I may share them on my own social media and how you would prefer to be credited for your work.

How to get your quilt to me

If you live "local" (such a loose term when living in the great white north!), you are welcome to drop it off at my home studio in Grande Prairie, Alberta.

Another option is to drop it off at Around the Block Quilt Shop in Beaverlodge.

Just make sure to clearly label your quilt with your name & phone number and have it in a clear, homemade or otherwise noticeable bag (NOT a black garbage bag - this is never a good idea!)

I also accept mail in quilts for those of you that live further away.

Ensure that your quilt top is protected from any possible moisture during transit and then placed in a cardboard box.

Canada Post has some great flat rate box options for you to consider.

As a convenience to you (and to reduce shipping fees):

You are welcome to purchase batting from me

If you have not yet purchased your backing, you may ship it directly to me and I can piece it for you

Return shipping: I will send your quilt back to you in the same manner described above via Canada Post (using a flat rate box when possible/economical). I will provide you with a tracking number and charge you the Canada Post rate plus $5 for handling.

Other Services


You are welcome to prepare your own binding, but keep in mind that *my binding prices

include prepping the binding for you.

Simple: 10¢ per linear inch (machine bind to one side only)

Complete: 18¢ per linear inch (machine bind both sides)

Hand Binding: 30¢ per linear inch (machine sew to front and hand

stitch to back). Hand binding options include traditional or big stitch methods

*make sure to provide enough fabric for the full perimeter of your quilt PLUS 12 inches

Piece backing

$5 - $10 per seam

Rush Request (*may not always be available)

<5,000 sq inches: $25

>5,001 sq inches: $50

Basting your quilt

If you would prefer to quilt/free motion your own quilt at home but dread the basting process - I can baste all your layers together with large stitches using contrasting thread (1¢ per square inch) *min charge $40

Complimentary Trimming

I offer complimentary trimming of your quilt to get you that much closer to finishing it.

Let me know if this is something you like me to do or if you prefer to do for yourself.

* if your quilt has borders that are anything but square/rectangle, I prefer to leave the trimming to you.

Pressing & Trimming Threads

Should your quilt require extra attention prior to loading, there may be additional charges. I'll let you know in advance!

Arrow Quilting Longarm Services Grande Prairie Alberta Canada


After the work is complete, I will forward you an invoice (text or email).

I accept cash, cheque or e-transfer (

I really do appreciate timely payments as that enables me to get your project(s) back to you right away.

Click the 'My Quilt is Ready' button to get the ball rolling!

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